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Room UP Lighting

Room Up Lighting

Uplights can be placed along the bottom of columns and pillars to flood a colored light "up" against the surface creating a dramatic effect. An entire room can be turned Red, Blue, Pink... many colors available to choose from. As few as two can be used to create an effect with up to 24 total lights possible! All of our Up Lighting is L.E.D., so it is cool to the touch and much safer than traditional, inexpensive lights.

Pricing for all Up Lighting is based on total number of up lights requested and falls into the following pricing. "Color Mixing" for specific colors is Only available on Lighting packages of 12 Up Lights or More. Under 12 Up Lights, the standard "Seven" colors are only available.

If you have questions, just e-mail or call. We can help with just about any Lighting needs.

Package discounts are available.

All set up and tear down time is included in the price.

2-4 "Up Lights" -$300

5-8 "Up Lights" -$600

9-12 "Up-Lights" -$900

13-16 "Up-Lights" -$1,200

17-20 "Up-Lights" -$1,500

21-24 "Up-Lights" -$1,800

"7' Lighted Columns" are available. These are a nice addition to a room. White cloth covers a square pillar that is lighted from the inside and illuminates the entire column. Each column can be a different color, or all the same.

Columns are available at a rate of $200.00 each.

$400.00 - An assortment of dance floor lights that include L.E.D. and Laser lighting. really makes people move!

$100.00 - A "pin spot" light is also available to add on any lighting package and it allows a nice controlled white light to be placed on you for your entrance, or to highlight your cake while it waits.


You can project your monogram, initials or company logo on to the wall or ceiling of your Event. The approx 5' dia projected lighted circle has a small plate that is made custom for you. One (1) plate per GOBO included. Each additional plate is $100.00. Minimum 4 weeks notice required for custom GOBO plating.

**Currently Unavailable**

Any other lighting needs, we can help.