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Proud to be leading the way again!! A State of the Art system that sits neatly on a table by the entrance of your Event. As your guests arrive, they can simply press a button, and a picture of them is taken and stored. Generally when people enter a party they are grouped naturally with whom they came with, so it is one of a few moments like this that are captured for you easily. At the end of your Event, all images taken are saved and a CD of those images are sent to you to Enjoy! Thats why we call it a Digital Guest Book.

The digital guest book is sleek and elegant. No bundles of wire or accessories hanging all over your table. All you have to do is provide the space for it to sit and an outlet! It runs itself once turned on, and is available for a period of 2 Hours for you. It can be used alone to capture your guests, or in conjuction with a traditonal guest signature book.

More than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Digital Guest Book with a Cd of Images taken mailed within 7 days to you to enjoy.

$150.00 - 2 Hours